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Octopus Energy: Get Solar & Battery Power for Your Home

Octopus Energy positions itself as a one-stop shop for all your solar panel and battery installation needs. They emphasize convenience, potential cost savings, and excellent customer service.

Key benefits of going solar with Octopus Energy:

Reduced bills and energy independence: Potentially cut up to 96% off your electricity bills and lessen reliance on fluctuating energy costs. Solar panel installations start at £4,999.

Sell excess energy back to the grid: Earn money by selling extra solar energy back to the grid with Octopus’ Intelligent Octopus Flux.

Environmentally friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint and electrify your home with various low-carbon technologies.

Financing options: Pay monthly with a finance plan or pay in full after installation.

Highly-rated service: Octopus Energy boasts a 5-star customer service rating from over 261,642 reviews.

What’s included in a typical solar panel installation from Octopus Energy?

Solar panels and inverter: Generate your own clean electricity.

Bird protection: Keep birds away from your panels.

Electrical components: Everything needed for a complete installation.

Scaffolding, delivery, and labor: All costs included in the quote.
Optional extras:

Battery storage: Maximize self-sufficiency by powering your home with solar energy even at night.

Expert installation: Experienced professionals will handle the entire process.

Installation costs:

Prices start at £4,999 for a 4-panel system.

Their most popular system, including 10 panels and a 5kWh battery, costs £10,399.

You can pay a £500 refundable deposit when you accept the quote, followed by monthly payments or a full payment after installation.

Positive customer reviews highlight:

  • Excellent communication and customer service throughout the process.
  • Professional and skilled installation teams.
  • Tidy and thorough installations.
  • Octopus Energy is accredited by Trustmark Customer Charter, ensuring a high standard of service.

Ready to get a solar quote?

Visit Octopus Energy’s website to get a free, personalized quote and learn more about solar panel installation for your home.

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